Linked Data Shopping List

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Linked Data Shopping List

List on this page sites/datasets that you want to see published as Linked Data. This list may form the basis for some campaign/action to encourage these data publishers to embrace Linked Data.

Consumer Services


* Scores on the Doors - hygiene ratings for food-serving establishments in the UK


* Internet Movie Database - tons of information about the movie/tv industry
* Open Movie Database - free equivalent of IMDB


* Discogs - Huge discography database
* Dogmazic - lots of Creative Commons music (mainly French)
* Whitburn project - 120 years of chart history
* Artists facts and Song facts - lots of facts about songs and artists
* - Huge database of classical music
* Grove music encyclopedy - *The* ultimate resource for all sorts of information about western music
* John Peel Festive Fifties - Actual content of John Peel sessions (would be cool to link to that from the BBC John Peel dataset)
* Musical knowledge webs - Some general music information, appears to be quite structured
* Bach cantatas - All Bach Cantatas
* Concert Programmes - Large concert database (performers, venue, works, etc.)
* Laytune - Audio web search by artist/track/album
* Songkick - Huge database and recommendation service for live music
* OLPC sound samples - Big database of Creative Commons audio samples
* FreeSound - Huge database of freely available audio samples
* OperaGlass - Huge database of Opera - 25,000 operas, 4,800 composers
* Wikifonia - Repository of lead sheets
* JSBach - Complete database of JS Bach's works, by BWV number
* Mozart forum - Listing of Mozart's works at MozartForum following the listings in the 6th Edition of the Köchel Catalogue
* Librivox - Freely available audio books
* Music digital repositories - Huge list of music digital repositories
* Musicbrainz listings of musical works per composer


* Autotrader UK - Used cars/vehicles for sale


* ImportGenius - US Trade/Import/Customs/Shipping Data

Population Statistics


* They Work For You - extensive information on the UK parliment, MPs, MEPs and so on.


* NHS Choices - particularly the Service search, body part and conditions lists


* CORDIS - European Funding Database
* National Science Foundation - US Funding Database


* BBC News


* SeatGuru - Seat configurations by plane model and airline
* UK Railway Stations - information about UK stations and available facilities
* Airport Codes and Facility/Arrivals/Departures Information, e.g. [1]
* Registered Ships [2]


* SummitPost - Database of peaks and routes to the world's mountains.
* Play by Play Data for U.S Sports - MLB, NFL, and NHL

Local/Geo-specific Data

* Rightmove - properties for sale and rent in the UK
* Markadatabasen - Comprehensive database of places, tracks, routes, conditions, images and cottages in Oslo's forests, with links to other tracks in the country.
* OpenStreetMap - They already have a RESTful webservice which exposes data about three simple basic data types that can be freely annotated with tags to describe map features, so mapping to RDF should be pretty straight-forward. Apart from the XML-based API, they also have pages about each object. All that is needed is persistent URIs for the actual objects and RDF descriptions. I (Shepard) think that this might become the next big linking target next to DBPedia.

Media libaries/archives

* Europeana - EU-funded catalogue of multi-media from various museums, archives and libraries across Europe
* NASA Images - Internet Archives website providing unified access to the various NASA multi-media resources and collections

Software projects/DOAP

q.v. for example DOAPspace

* RubyForge - open-source projects (Ruby)
* - Java community projects

Events and calendars

* Upcoming - forthcoming events
* Google calendar
* standard time zones

See Also

* There is also a list of datasets that would be nice to have on the Web of Data maintained in the ESW Wiki. See Datasets that would be nice to have on the Web of Data.

* The CKAN List is also relevant.