Linked Data Glossary
The Linked Data Glossary is a collection of terms specific to the linked data community
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Dog Food
Refers to practicing what you preach, that is applying the things you sell to other people in your own domain.
Deref (also dereference)
To perform an HTTP GET on a given URI. See also DBpedia:dereference


Linked Data principles


Produce a dynamic data set by joining across disparate structured data sources, typically RDF-based, on-the-fly.
Mint (a URI)
The process to assign a unique global identifier (that is, a URI, in the linked data context a HTTP URI) to a thing. See also What Are URIs?


Snake Oil
Reverse of dog food. Stems from a heavily discussed post claiming some Semantic Web proponents not walking their talk.
Merge differently sourced data into a single data set, for example based on an IFP (Inverse Functional Property) such as foaf:homepage, treating any asserted correspondences as accurate, and all statements from all source data sets as true. Some records may be dropped, with one owl:sameAs value becoming the Subject (?s) for all statements, for example. This is distinct from an "inference-based" merge which retains distinct data sets, and allows for different levels of trust for different source data sets, among other nuances.